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Winching Service

car is getting winching service

Winching is the act of pulling something heavy by means of a cable; which is spooled around a winch. Once the spool is turned, the cable slowly wraps tighter; this pulling whatever is attached to the end of the cable closer and closer. When we are talking about the winching between vehicle and tow truck; we use winches to rescue cars that won’t start, pulling them to safety behind the tow truck. This enables us to then hook the vehicles up; tow them to shops where they can be looked at and fixed. Dial (209) 528-0212 to get a winching service in Manteca.


Simple winching happens with almost any tow. In order to get your vehicle up and into a proper towing position, a winch is usually hooked to the front of your vehicle, where our winch crane will then pull hour vehicle in and up, securing it in place. The winch connects to the car, while the car is fastened in to place. This process helps your vehicle to not roll backward, causing more harm to the car or top anyone around the process. Winching is a necessary part of all towing maneuvers and jobs.

Winch Out

A winch out is a situation where we are, quite literally, pulling a vehicle out of a ditch. If you have been in some kind of situation, accident, a tire blow out; or hitting a road slick and ended up in the ditch, we can help you out. Our winches are powerful enough to pull your car out of the ditch and back up to safety. There are times when we may not be able to get your vehicle up; but nearly every time, in any situation, we can. If you are in need of this service, do not hesitate to call.

Off-Road Recovery

Along the same lines as a winch out, if you find yourself in a situation where your car has gone completely off the road; we can help bring you back to safety. If your car was off the road by another vehicle; or if a tire blows out so you to go far enough off the road that you cannot get your car back on it yourself, we can help. In this situation, our trucks have the power to pull your car out of whatever scenery you’ve found it in and back up to the safety of the main road.

Our Trucks 

We have top of the line trucks, equipped with incredibly powerful winching systems. These are heavy enough that they can winch up almost any standard vehicle. If you have a heavier vehicle, we can employ stabilizers; which will give us even more leverage to pull your vehicle out of whatever horrible situation it is in and get it back up, or out, to safety. Our trucks are very capable of winching nearly any vehicle so, if you find yourself in a place where a winch is needed, please give us a call and let us come and help you out.