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New Tire Installation

If we have your tire size in stock; another option that we can offer to you is to bring you a completely new tire. While this option is definitely the most expensive option of what we offer; it is also the only option that gets a tire on your car that can actually handle highways at the proper speeds. Because we are not installing a smaller donut tire, but instead a full-size tire, you can drive for as many miles as you want and at whatever speed limits are advised to you.

Dangers of Old Tires

While you might think that driving on old tires is fine, the reality is that it is not. Yes, it’s true that new tires can be expensive. However, the cost of new tires is well worth the safety and peace of mind that they offer. Trust us when you're getting a flat tire change in Pittsburgh, (been there) let alone Manteca. it's not something ideal to deal with.  Old tires can go flat if they hit bumps the wrong way; they can also blow out from wearing thin in a certain area. If you notice that your tires are starting to look bald; or if you notice your tire walls cracking, you should absolutely have your tires replaced. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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