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Manteca Lockout Service

man is opening a car door we help with lockout service

There are times when you might find yourself locked outside of your car due to a number of different circumstances. We know that finding yourself in any of these situations is completely frustrating. Not only is it maddening; but being locked out of your car can leave to a ton of other problems like missing appointments, work or school. If you find yourself in some kind of situation where you absolutely cannot get into your car, or your keys are inside your car, let us fix it for you.

Lock Picking

If you have somehow locked your keys inside your car; you have no choice but to get inside the car and get them back. Rather than break a window to get inside; which will cost you a lot more money in the long run, we can pick your locks and get the door opened. We know that this might sound dangerous, but we can assure you that we have professional tools; that are meant to pick locks safely. This will not cause any damage to your car and will get your door open; so your keys can be recovered.

Jammed Car Key

Another situation that can get you locked out of your car is somehow getting a car key jam in either the door or ignition. If this happens, please do not force your key; as it is possible to break your key off in the ignition. If your key gets jammed and you really cannot get it out; give us a call and let us help. It’s much easier to get a full key out; than it is to get a broken piece of on me out. But either way, we assure you we can get your key back.

Lost Key Replacement

We travel with key making equipment everywhere we go. Because of this, we are always ready to duplicate an existing key; or if your key is broken or stuck, we can use cutting edge technology to fit a key to your door locks. We travel by several popular key types, of all current car brands, so we can be sure that a proper key can be made. While we can get you into your car if your key is broken; you will still want to go to your local dealership and have an official key made for you.

Through the Window

If you have an older car, with locks that pop up from your door; it could be possible for us to get your locks popped up, and unlocked, by going over and through your window. While this may not be an option for every make or model, it will certainly be an option for some. This lockout fix option is cost-effective and can usually be done fairly quickly. If we notice that your vehicle is a candidate for this; we will use our specialized tools to get your doors open, leading to no more lockout.