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Manteca Jumpstart Service

man trying to jumpstart a car

If you are having car trouble there are a number of things that could be going on. One of the most common and the easiest to fix, is having a battery-drained. If you accidentally left your lights on or somehow, the stereo was left on; perhaps your battery is simply out of juice. If you have a newer battery, there is a chance we could jumpstart the car. If this happens, we can get you back on the road.

Battery Check

If you are having car trouble and notice that none of your electrical systems are working; this could certainly be a problem with your battery. We can come out and do a battery check for you. We have specialized equipment, that we can hook directly up to your battery, which will test your battery to see what its life is like. No matter what we do, if our reading says that your battery is below healthy; you’re going to need a new battery. However, if your battery still says it is healthy, we can use our jumper to jump your battery; getting your car running.

Battery Jump

If our readings show that your battery is healthy, we can use our jump box to jump your battery back to life. In this process, we hook our jumper up to the positive and negative stems of your battery. We then send an electrical charge into your car battery, jumping it back to life. Once we get your car started, as your car runs, your alternator will help to charge up your battery. This process can get you back on the road.

Battery Replacement

If we test your battery and it seems okay, but then try and jump your battery and nothing is happening with your car, it might be time to replace your battery altogether. We will do everything we can to jump your battery back to life; but if the process doesn’t work, there is really nothing else we can do. If your battery is completely dead, we can make sure to bring a battery with us that we can install. Rather than have to tow you to a shop to get a new battery; we can do it on the spot.

Battery Disposal

Another great service we offer is that of battery disposal. Because car batteries cannot just be disposed of in the normal trash; it is important to get them to the right disposal. Generally, you will have to pay to have your battery disposed of; however, we include it as part of our battery replacement program. We care about the environment and we will guarantee that we can get your old battery to the proper place; where it will be disposed of. Let us remove your old battery, install your new one and take the old one away for good.