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Manteca Jump Starts

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Reliable Battery Jump starts Assistance

Your vehicle may not be starting or running the engine for long because of a number of reasons. If you touch the cover of the bonnets, you might find it overheating and maybe stuck on what to do since it won't ignite. If and when you find yourself in such a dilemma, it could be because of a dead battery or one that is ‘low’ that it cannot complete a circuit and ignite the engine.

For all your vehicle battery assistance, call Manteca Towing Pros. Dial (209) 528-0212 or write to us using the contact form on this page for more inquiries.

About Us

Manteca Towing Pros is your ultimate and go-to tow company whenever your vehicle stalls on the road. Whether it has been involved in an accident, the battery just died on you, you run short of gas, or the tires busted, we are the guys to get in touch with. We have years of experience and will come in handy to help you to get the vehicle back on the road instantly.

Get in touch with us today and enjoy a myriad of professional services that include:

  • Vehicle towing
  • Roadside assistance including battery jump starts, battery checks, battery replacements, gas delivery and fill up, tire check, lockout and lock malfunction assistance, and basic system diagnostics.
  • Winching services
  • Flat tires

Manteca Jump Starts Services

Your battery can die on you because of many complications. Often, batteries get drained because the lights or stereo were left on for long, the battery is aging or is out of juice. If the battery is newer and will not work because of the most common problems like the lights or stereo being on for long, we can help you out.

We can help you with:

Battery Checks 

Our guys will run full diagnostics of the battery with our specialized equipment to troubleshoot the problem and advise how it can be solved. If the battery is unhealthy, according to our test readings, you may need a new one. However, if it still indicates that it is healthy and is only down, we can help you by jump-starting it and get your car running again.

Battery Replacement 

If the battery cannot be jump-started, it could mean that it is dead. This may be a good sign that you need to replace it, and Manteca Towing Pros makes sure to carry replacement batteries with us for such scenarios. This will be much more convenient for you because instead of towing your vehicle to a repair shop or home, you will have an instant battery replacement and continue with your journey.

Battery Disposal 

Car batteries are not to be disposed of just anyhow or in the normal trash cans or pits. Manteca Towing Pros helps with disposing of them in the right ways. Even though you will have to pay for the disposal, it is included in the battery replacement package.

Get in touch with us today, and have the right industry experts to take care of your battery issues.

Call Manteca’s most preferred tow company through (209) 528-0212 or leave us a message of inquiry on the contact form on this page. Our experts will get back to you as soon as they can and also get you a free quote.