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Manteca Discovery Towing

this picture shows discovery towing service by manteca towing pros

Are you stuck anywhere with your vehicle at the time of reading this? Do you need fast and reliable as well as professional Discovery towing services? If you have been stuck for some time because the vehicle failed you, call Manteca Towing Pros and get our discovery tow truck on your way to help you out.

Call (209) 528-0212 and have our team help you out. Write to us, too, by leaving us your details and message on the contact form on this page, and we shall revert as soon as possible.

About Manteca Towing Pros

Manteca Towing Pros is a specialty company that serves motorists whose vehicles have defied them on the road. If the car stalled because of a dead battery, flat tire, a crash, or it veered off from the main road, we are the kind of Discovery tow company that you would want to help you out.

How it Works

We have a ready to serve team and Discovery tow trucks that are near you at any time. When you give us a call, explain your issue, the kind of help that you need, and where you are, we forward your case to the Discovery tow truck that we are sure is near you. The team on that side will get ready to come to your rescue, and within no time (dependent on the traffic, of course), they will be with you, helping you to get back on the road.

Flat Tire

If you have a flat tire or it got a puncture, the team can help offer tire fixing or replacement services. If you do not have a spare one, you only need to inform us; tell us the model of your car for us to get you the right fit. Yes, we shall bring you a spare tire for replacement.


If the vehicle had an accident and you cannot drive it, we shall tow it to your office, garage, or an auto repair shop of your choice. We usually tow all our clients’ vehicles to safety and treat them as if they were our property. This way, we give you the much-needed satisfaction that it is still in the right hands despite the crash.

Our discovery towing service can also include other roadside assistance. We have battery check and replacement, gas delivery and fill up, and winching services. If you ever get locked out of your vehicle, we can also help you with professional lockout services.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you the next time that you are stuck. Call (209) 528-0212 or leave us your messages of inquiry on the quote form on this page.